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Family Trip in La Misión

We are so grateful that Terry, LaVera and David Brown from Vaughn Park Church in Montgomery, AL could visit and encourage the church in La Misión. While the group was there June 26- July 2, repair work was done on the patio roof to replace some rotten beams and about 75% of the roof of the house/church was reroofed with metal roofing. The rest of the roof will be done in January. They also set up a food pantry and stocked it so that there are supplies that can be shared with church members as well as used for outreach. We are so grateful the group came and spent time with the Preacher Gerardo, wife Marta and their children and offered encouragement to them. Covid has made their church work difficult this past year, but the church is working hard and starting to be able to reach out to the community again.