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Steps of Faith Journey

Mark 9:23


This is the biggest dream we have ever had in Baja Missions, and we are excited to see how God’s plan unfolds through this. 


This journey will require many  Steps of Faith as we are looking to raise $100,000 to purchase the property and an additional $600,000 to build all of the buildings and facilities we  have planned.


We believe God has presented an amazing opportunity before us to have a multi-purpose camp in Baja. We have purchased a 12-acre property to be used for a church retreat center, sports complex and assisted living facility. This property is located in the San Quintin Valley in Baja California, Mexico. It is located 10 minutes off Highway 1 and has a beautiful view of volcanoes and the surrounding bay. 


1.Caretaker’s House

2.Girl’s Dorm

3.Boy’s Dorm



6.Girl’s Restrooms / Showers

7.Boy’s Restrooms / Showers


9.Volleyball Court

10.Basketball Court

11.Soccer Field

12.Devotional Area

13.Baja Assisted Living

14.Parking Lot

Camp Baja September 2021 2_edited.jpg

Church Retreat Center

We desire for this to be a place where the Baja churches can  bring their youth  groups or host other special retreats. We know many memorable moments in one’s faith journey occur while away in a camp setting, and this place will provide a nearness to God in nature and an opportunity to have fun. 

We believe  this  place will inspire unity among the future generations of the church and also bless the older generations that have  served and planted seeds of faith throughout  the Baja.


In the  towns south of Ensenada, there are no  recreational activities so this  will be a very special place near the bay. Even having your own bunk bed and  bathroom facilities with running water  will  be  exciting  for  many.


Assisted Living- 'Casa Amor'

On part of the property, we build an assisted living facility for our brothers and sisters we love so much.


There are no assisted living facilities in the towns we work in, and there is a great need to help the elderly. Since many of the  church members have migrated from other places in Mexico, not all of them have family nearby to take care of them. Some have even been disassociated with their family from their decision to become a Christian.   


Contact Us

For more information on Camp Baja, please contact

Rex Watson at (256) 508-0500.


If you would like to take these Steps of Faith with us and donate, we welcome your support by the methods below:





By check:  Baja Missions 

337 Lake Valley Drive

Franklin, TN 37069

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