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Baja Missions is thankful to now have 3 medical clinics. Each clinic offers medical and dental services to their local communities completely free of charge. The medicines administered through the onsite pharmacy at each location are also free.


Local Mexican doctors and dentists help to staff the clinics throughout the year. The clinics are also utilized for visiting American mission teams. The clinics comply with all Mexican government requirements and have now implemented additional PPE equipment and other safety procedures for the new COVID-19 requirements.


In addition to addressing physical needs of the people, the local churches are equipped to meet spiritual needs as well sharing the Good News about Jesus.  

Papalote Medical Clinic

The Papalote Clinic was the first Baja Missions clinic which opened in June 2016. The facility has 3 medical rooms, 3 dental chairs, a pharmacy and an administrative office. 

In 2019, the Papalote clinic provided 3,542 patients with free medical and dental care. 

Papalote is in a rural area just a few miles south of San Quintin and serves those who do not have nearby access to regular care. Please see the Papalote Clinic Facebook page linked below to see the latest updates.

Guadalupe Valley Medical Clinic

The Guadalupe Valley Clinic opened in November 2020. 

The facility has 2 medical rooms, 2 dental chairs, a pharmacy and an administrative office. Guadalupe Valley is located northeast of Ensenada. See the video below to meet some of the medical team at this clinic. 

El Zorrillo Medical Clinic

The El Zorrillo Clinic opened in March 2021. 

The facility has 4 medical rooms, 2 dental chairs, a pharmacy and an administrative office. El Zorrillo is on the most southern edge of Ensenada. This community did not have an option for local medical care. See the video below to become familiar with the El Zorrillo community from the preacher Xavier Franco. 

A special thanks to all of those who have donated to make these 3 clinics possible. We pray God will be glorified in all things.

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