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Baja Missions is proud to partner with the Baja Bible Institute, preacher training school. As Baja Missions experiences blessings of encouraging growth, the need for well-trained servant leaders has emerged. If the Lord's church is to grow in Baja, she must have capable young men and women leading the way.
BBI’s two-year core curriculum equips students to be firmly grounded in the Word of God and provides opportunities to develop their talents and abilities for serving the Lord’s church. 

The classes are taught by the director, Liberato Ovalle as well as by teleconference through the Sunset International Bible Institute.  
With over 30 years’ experience as a gospel preacher, teacher and academic advisor for various Bible schools and institutes in Mexico, Liberato Ovalle’s extensive church leadership throughout Mexico make him an invaluable asset to the church and BBI. He has served as the official representative for Churches of Christ to the Mexican government, a highly respected and prestigious position, since 1992. He and his wife, Elodia, have been married since 1976 and have two children and four grandchildren. Elodia is an active part of the instruction and guidance of preacher’s wives, offering a lifetime of experience in ministry.

The school opened its door in August 2012 and has had four graduating classes thus far. It is currently preparing to host its fifth class of students.
Baja Bible Institute welcomes support of its students to help cover the cost of their studies while training to serve the Lord.

BBI Classes

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