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  • Lissandra Nieto

All Around the Baja: Madison, Riverchase & Concord Road

Madison Group in El Rosario

A group of 27 people from Madison church spent the week in one of our southernmost churches in El Rosario. They hosted a free clinic multiple days from 9-3 and treated over 170 people. What a blessing for the community!

During the day they also did construction projects at the church building- priming the wrought iron out in front of the church and worked on the new classroom and sidewalk, and of course a lot of painting!

They had men's and women's classes in the evenings. One of their favorite things to do is to take breakfast to a school down the street! Thanks to Madison church for coming to encourage their brothers and sisters in El Rosario!

Riverchase: Guadalupe Valley

Riverchase Church of Christ from Birmingham, Alabama visited Guadalupe Valley. They hosted a clinic (with a doctor, dentist, physical therapy, and optometrist) and also worked in the church building doing maintenance and waterproofing and Daniel and Fabiola's house.

They had a Wednesday Bible class and spent time with the families. What a blessing they were to the local church they sponsor and surrounding community!

Concord Road at Colonet Church

The Concord Road group returned to spend the week with the Colonet church family. They did 16 home visits! They had classes for kids, teens, women and men each night. Also, they had a singing class to help the church learn some new songs.

They were excited to be there for Samuel and Isai's graduation and threw them a special party! They wrapped up a great week making dinner for everyone in the community on Wednesday night.

The team also visited their friends Rafael and Eunice who lead the Diaz Ordaz church. Special thanks to the Concord road team coming to see your familia in Colonet!


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