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  • Lissandra Nieto

Baja Sur Mobile Clinic

Just a few days after the American summer groups ended, many of our Baja ministers and their wives gathered together. They enjoyed fellowship at Camp Baja and had a conference at the Papalote church. After this day of spiritual retreat and encouragement, a large group of the church leaders, Baja Missions staff, Clinica Amor por Baja team, and American leaders (Rex Watson, Rick Harris, Denton Kimbrough and Pat McRight) traveled to serve in a town called Vizcaíno. Vizcaíno is a 12 hour drive from San Diego, CA and is part of Baja California South.

Baja Missions has a church in Vizcaíno. This group supported the church and community through Bible studies, home visits, hair cuts and mobile clinic (medical, dental, glasses). They treated a total of 522 patients in the clinic. They also helped with some construction at the church building and landscape design. We rejoice for the many relationships that were made, love shown, and for the joyous ending to the trip with 3 baptisms.

We're so thankful to God for a great summer, for the many relationships that were built and for the love of God being shared through His word. We give thanks for this team driving down south (6 hours from San Quintin!) and for their safe travels. Gloria a Dios!

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