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Brentwood Academy in San Quintin

A group of 20 parents and students from Brentwood Academy embarked on what they call a life-changing trip to Baja. For 15 members of the group, it was their first time working with Baja Missions.

One of the main goals of the trip was to host the first-ever youth camp for local churches in the area at Camp Baja. The Brentwood Academy teens worked hard to plan games and activities, including tug-of-war, a three-legged race, and a water balloon toss. The group also had the opportunity to hike up an inactive volcano in the stunning backdrop of Camp Baja, which provided breathtaking views for all.

In addition to hosting the youth camp, the group also had the chance to work alongside local teens from Baja churches to help paint the dorms and kitchen at Camp Baja. The teamwork and collaboration between the two groups were inspiring as they worked together.

One of the most memorable moments of the trip was the devotional held under the stars on Saturday night. The group gathered around a fire pit, complete with glow necklaces and s'mores, to hear from Alejandro and Misha. They shared their stories of growing up at the City of Children and the significance of having a place like Camp Baja for kids to come to. It was a powerful and emotional moment for everyone in attendance.

The group's impact was not limited to Camp Baja alone, as they also had the chance to visit a newly formed school in the Los Reyes community. The Brentwood Academy teens gathered school supplies to take with them, but upon arrival, they saw that God had much bigger plans in store. With the help of local brothers and sisters, they were able to add concrete, a new classroom, and paint to the exterior of the school. The students now have an environment to help them learn and thrive.

Overall, this trip was a life-changing experience for all involved. The Brentwood Academy group said they were able to witness firsthand the incredible impact of Baja Missions and how God continues to work through His people to further His kingdom. It was a trip full of teamwork, collaboration, and most importantly, love.

Thanks to Zach and Kim Watson for leading the Brentwood Academy Group!


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