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Brentwood Academy & Leadership Conference

This March, a group of 30 parents and students from Brentwood Academy embarked on a transformative mission trip to Baja, Mexico. Their efforts focused on serving the local community, leaving a lasting impact through various projects and activities.

One significant accomplishment was the construction of an additional classroom for the Los Reyes School, providing much-needed space for additional growth. The group also organized a carnival for the community, including activities like a bounce house, games with prizes, and a mobile clinic. Prior to the trip they also collected school supplies and clothing and were able to distribute them to the Los Reyes school and the local community.

On Sunday they were able to lead worship with a translator for the Papalote Church. One of the most inspiring aspects of the trip was witnessing the Papalote Church's service to the community. The church's involvement in supporting the Los Reyes school and providing an after-school program left a profound impression on the group.

Additionally, the team contributed to the opening of the Casa Amor (an independent living facility) engaging in cleaning tasks and landscaping to prepare for its opening. In addition to the many opportunities to serve, the students from Brentwood Academy also enjoyed a memorable night of games and worship under the stars with local Baja teens, where pizza and s'mores were served.

Through their collective efforts, the Brentwood Academy group exemplified the spirit of service and compassion, leaving a positive impact on the lives of those they encountered in Baja.


We are grateful for our “Leadership Conference” where over 120 Baja brothers and sisters had the opportunity to gather at Camp Baja and have leadership training. Special thanks to our brother Bob Brewer for his classes, Jan Harris for her class about “Teaching Children” and Phyllis Watson for talking about “How we can serve in our church” to our ladies.  We had two days full of learning about how to serve God. 

We closed this conference weekend with the inauguration of Casa Amor, an assisted living for any elderly in Baja that can no longer live home alone.  We planted trees and gave tours of the 16 rooms that will soon be ready for the residents! To wrap up the celebration, we had fish tacos for lunch! 

We thank all the people and staff who have been working hard to make this possible. 

Glory to God for a great weekend!


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