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Brentwood Hills and BBI Graduation

The Brentwood Hills church group spent the week at Papalote Church serving the people! They built a porch roof, painted a house, built and painted a fence and built 5 picnic tables and benches for the church.They enjoyed being in over 35 homes for home visits of members of Papalote and others in the neighborhood. 

The group had a devotional night at Camp Baja and toured the newly opened Casa Amor, retirement living facility at Camp Baja. They conducted Medical, Dental and Optical Clinics for 3 days and served over 400 people.Haircuts for men and women were offered each day as well as childrens activites and afterschool activities.

They visited 2 local schools giving out school supplies and playing with the children. Each night they conducted bible classes for Men, Women, Teens and Children followed by an inspiring message about “Transformation in Christ”. 

We were so happy to have fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Papalote this week encouraging and edifying one another! 

We also had the opportunity to celebrate the graduation of the Baja Bible Institute.

On June 1, 2024, the former students of the 6th class finished their 2 years of preparation. The ceremony was held at the Papalote church. Congratulations to our 3 students Karen,Vanessa and Moises.


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