• Baja Missions

College Scholarship Program - Spring 2022

Baja Missions launched a college scholarship program beginning spring semester of 2022. This was offered to eligible young adults from the Baja Missions congregations. We were able to provide aid to 27 students from 10 different communities with total or partial tuition support depending on their university and program. Many students get accepted to college but struggle to afford go. It is also challenging for students in the southern regions to move to Ensenada or Tijuana for school. We are grateful to help them pursue their dreams!

We are praying for these students as they study education, law, medicine, criminology, accounting, nutrition, business, nursing, architecture, computer engineering, psychology, and sports science. We celebrate with many first-generation college students in their families and are grateful to all who donate to make this possible.

On behalf of the students, muchas gracias! The future is bright!