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  • Lissandra Nieto

Lipscomb BajaMed Mobile Clinics

This team of 30 included medical providers, a pharmacist, support staff, pre-professional undergraduate students, nursing students, and graduate students in pharmacy.

This year's trip aligned with Baja Missions new “mobile clinic program” as mentioned above. With newly purchased mobile medical, dental, and vision equipment, we are able to take the services of our permanent clinics to even more underserved areas.

This group served Diaz Ordaz, Maneadero and Colonia 89 through mobile clinics and worked the last 3 days between the Zorrillo and Guadalupe clinics.

They cared for acute needs and chronic management of illnesses and prayed for each patient individually. They also provided information to these patients about the nearest Baja Missions clinic where they could receive follow-up care or further management of more complicated issues.

Throughout the week, the group was able to provide medical, dental and vision care for 542 patients. Each of these patients were provided with the medications needed to treat their ailments or new glasses.

Thanks to James and Elizabeth Parnell for leading the Lipscomb Medical Team!

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